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Body Shapes and Fashion | Women

If you are tall and slender, you should show off those legs. Or if you are short and have curves, you have got to show them off! Every body type has its ‘own way’ in the fashion world...

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Shopping Spree: The Oracle #1

This time I went to ‘the Oracle’ in Reading, United Kingdom. The Oracle is a huge mall, and in about 5 hours I could only do 3 shops (yes, ...

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My Top 5 Favourite Movies | 2017

I decided to make this list, because I know how frustrating it is when you actually want to watch a movie, but you can’t find any, because you’ve watched them all or they ‘suck’. So, I hope you’ll find something worth watching in this list!

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Shopping Spree: Ring Shopping #1

I have decided to start with a ‘series’ on my blog and I’m calling it ‘Shopping Spree’. If you don’t know what a shopping spree is, it’s when you’re going to a mall or street or whatever to spend all your money on a lot of clothes. But instead of wasting money, I’m just going to try them on 😉.

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10 Most Ridiculous Clothes

There are a lot of clothes out there that are probably more ridiculous than these, but I just made a random list of 10 where, at the end of this post, you’ll be like “my eyes, my eyes are burning” 😉.