My top 5 favourite shops and 3 favourite pieces they are selling RIGHT NOW!

I always want to find new clothing stores to try out, because some of them are not popular but so amazing and I want them to get popular!

And I know there are a lot of people out there with the same problem, not able to find some new clothing stores that sell your kind of style.

I’ve made my top 5 stores, there’ll probably be some you know, but I think there are some not many people know about…
Also, to show you what the shop is all about, I’ll add 3 pieces they are selling right now, I like the most.


Boohoo is my number 5 because I like their clothes, although not all, I always find something I like. But the thing I don’t like, and I think they seriously need to add are a list of materials that are used to make the clothing. Because there’s a big difference between polyester and cotton (maybe I’ll make a post about the different kind of fabrics?).

Their 3 pieces I like the most, right now:


  1. The ‘Boutique Emma Faux Fur Pocket Aviator Jacket’: fur, fur and more fur, this is what we need for Winter! I like this jacket because it’s short and it’s in a daring kind of colour (I almost never wear pink, because I’m scared that it won’t look good on me, but I would definitely wear this jacket though!). I’d add some high waisted white jeans and a white crop top.
  2. The ‘Afia Mono Stripe Crepe Skinny Flare’: I don’t know about you guys, but these pants take me all the way to the 70’s! These look so freaking cool! I love how we’re bringing every fashion period back in this time!
  3. The ‘Jasmine Fit Chequered Front Panel Jogger’: this is the link to the sweatpants, but I totally love these two pieces! This is perfect if you just want to chill at home, and because I would be too lazy to change clothes, I would definitely wear these to go grocery shopping! I’d just add some sunglasses probably.


About You is an online shop that is totally new in Belgium (so sorry to those where ‘About You’ isn’t available!). I haven’t bought anything from it, just because it’s new, but I’ll probably will because their sales are crazy at the moment!

What I love about ‘About You’ is that they personalize their site when you create an account: they change the name to ‘About (your name)’, example: About Freya. They also check what you like so they can predict what your style could be. So, you have the option to order their clothes as ‘your style’ instead of ‘what’s new’ or ‘price low to high’.

But that’s not the only thing I love about ‘About You’, they also have a look book where you can search for an outfit you like and if you click on a piece of clothing you like, a new tab opens to let you buy it, and as simply as that you can buy a whole outfit! I have to say, sometimes they take you to similar clothing instead of what the model is actually wearing, but I don’t mind, I love how they searched for at least something similar.

Here are the 3 pieces they are selling right now that I like the most!

about you

  1. The ‘Cocktail dress ‘Nordi’’: looking for a cute cocktail dress? On ‘About You’, you can find loads! This is one of my favourites and that’s weird, because I’m a girl who loves long dresses because most of the times, the dresses are too short. But this dress is so feminine, I love it, and I’m almost a 100 percent sure it exists as a maxi dress as well. If you don’t like the bourgogne colour, it’s also available in navy. I can see myself sipping a cocktail at a hotel bar in that dress 😉.
  2. A cropped sweater: I think most of the clothing I own are crop tops and I don’t know why I really love them so much. I think it’s just the perfect way to show off your figure. Because sometimes you need to be proud of how you look! This sweater is so cute, especially because of the colour. It is also available in black and navy.
    I’d wear this in the Winter, because I wear crop tops through every single season. If you wear high waisted pants in the Winter, then what’s the problem? I don’t understand why some elder people yell at me: “it isn’t Summer, stupid girl!”. Wearing a crop top, high waisted jeans, a jacket, boots… is the same as wearing a long shirt with a regular waisted jean instead of a crop top and high waisted jeans. And who cares? Everybody wears what the hell they want, no need to yell, it won’t change a thing.
  3. The ‘Jeans ‘Vicommit’’: you’ve probably realised faux leather jeans are becoming really trendy. I understand, some people find it really weird looking, just because some people buy the ones that are sooooo shiny, they look like plastic. I like how these jeans look, they are cool, but I would like it to make them a little cuter by adding the cropped sweater I just talked about! And then I would try to keep the ‘coolness’ and ‘cuteness’ in balance by adding Dr. Martens and a big bun(s).


I see myself as a number one fan of Bershka, because almost everything in my closet is from Bershka. I’m probably not the number one fan though, but believe me, I am very high on the list, haha.

I actually have no idea how and why my ‘addiction’ started, but first of all their shops always just look amazing! I’m always happy when I’m inside because it always has a pretty interior. And one of the most important things: there is a lot of light!

Also, their packages online always come straight out of Spain and they always arrive early! Always a happy surprise to come home to 😉.

Here are 3 pieces they are selling right now which I really like:

bershka WOMEN

  1. The ‘Velvet off-the-shoulder T-shirt’: velvet has been a trend for a while now and I fell in love with it. Velvet has a soft kind of texture and it always kind of ‘sparkles’. I think almost every colour looks great in velvet. This t-shirt is also available in the colour ‘garnet’.
  2. The ‘Cigarette jeans’: I like the look of these jeans because it doesn’t reach the ankles. Also, how it doesn’t stick to the lower leg is a pretty detail. A lot of people hate these kinds of trousers and I don’t really get why, because they’re actually just skinny jeans. But, anyways, they exist in light blue, blue, navy, and black.
  3. The ‘Ponte di roma trousers with belt’: now first of all, you’re probably thinking: “what the hell does ‘ponte di roma’ mean?”. It is a kind of fabric existing out of two layers (double knit), the fabric doesn’t cling to you and doesn’t crease! And now you know an interesting fact. But about the trousers, I adore them! I just love how high they go with a really gorgeous belt. These are very 50’s and I love the 50’s fashion! Just want to tell you that the 50’s are coming back 😉. Tuck in a matching blouse, put on a bandana and travel back to the 50’s!

NUMBER 1 & 2

I love Bershka, like I said, but Romwe and Zaful are now top of my list, as I’m growing out of Bershka. As I’m growing up, my style is changing and Bershka is something I would recommend to teenagers! And young adults of course, but it’s been a while since I could find exactly what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I find pieces I like, but I don’t end up buying them because they’re just ‘not me’ anymore.

Romwe and Zaful share first place because I just couldn’t choose which online shop I liked best. But I love them both equally because they sell clothes that are just my style. I was amazed when I first saw their site, I always thought I couldn’t really find my style online, but luckily, I have now!

I definitely, recommend Romwe and Zaful to everyone who matches my style. Or actually just to everyone, I’m sure you will find at least one thing you really, absolutely adore!

I would describe a lot of their clothes as ‘playful’ and ‘trendy’. I’m just in love with so much of what they’re selling!!! Seriously, check it out and prepare to be amazed 😊.

Here are the 3 pieces Romwe is selling that I like the most:

romwe WOMEN

  1. The ‘Vertical Striped Elastic Waist Pants’: these trousers are perfect for an office related job, they look classy, but you can definitely wear them casually! The trousers are made out of polyester and they are available in black & white, grey and navy.
  2. The ‘Red Batwing Long Sleeve Loose Knit Sweater’: don’t tell me you don’t want to lay on your coach with a messy bun, sweatpants, a hot chocolate, a nice movie and this gorgeous, oversized, warm-looking sweater! This is perfect because… WINTER IS COMING! Good news: don’t like the burgundy? The sweater is also available in the colours black and green. Time to get cosy!
  3. The ‘Mesh Panel Hoodie’: I’ve had my doubts about this hoodie because I thought I couldn’t do anything with it, but then I thought, why not just basic? I see myself wearing this with a black high waisted jean, a messy bun, and some cool-looking, big sunglasses. Also, a great party look, if you ask me! You can also buy this hoodie in black.

And here are the 4 pieces from Zaful:

Just want to let you know, I have 72 favourites on Zaful, this was really hard to choose from… That’s why there are 4 pieces for women I wanted to show you… 😉


  1. The ‘Pockets Lapel Collar Long Coat’: this is a long, trendy coat made of cotton and polyester and it is available in light blue. I like long coats because it makes you look a little more ‘adult’. I have a similar black one, but this light blue is just so pretty, and it looks so warm!
  2. The ‘Button Up Denim Jacket And Hooded Vest’: this is an oversized hoodie that serves as outerwear (made of jeans/denim). I like it because it’s baggy and in opposite of the long jacket it makes you look more ‘cool’. And again, the light blue, I love it!
  3. The ‘Striped Wide Leg Belted Pants’: these are trousers I have been searching for ages! I saw a girl wearing this with some pretty heels and I loved the look! Since then I’ve been searching for her pants, black with white stripes and a wide leg. I’ve finally found them and I’m so happy!
    I know a lot of people are scared to wear short and wide legged trousers, but if you don’t try how do you know it doesn’t suit you? 😉
  4. The ‘Badge Patched Lantern Sleeve Sweatshirt’: yes, you’ve probably seen this sweater like a thousand times in advertisements. But I’m glad I saw it a thousand times, because I absolutely adore it! It’s made of polyester and has so many colours to choose from: ginger, black, blackish green, blue, deep gray, deep purple, deep red, green, light pink, light purple, pink, white and wine red. Guess what I’ve put the sweater 4 times in my favourites because I want them in 4 different colours! The colours will make your outfit pop, and it just looks so incredibly comfortable.

I hope you found something you like, maybe a piece of clothing or a totally new shop, or just the ideas.

Thank you for reading and I promise if I buy one of these I’ll make an update post!

A follow, a like, a share, everything is more than welcome 😉.

And surprise, surprise, stay tuned, because one of the following days there’ll be a ‘male version’ of this post! I’m not forgetting about my men followers of course!


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