UPDATE: My Choice for Boys

Here I am, with an update of my previous post, but this time especially for men!

If you like my posts for men, let me know, and I’ll give you more.

So as in my previous post, here are my 5 favourite shops and their top pieces that are sold online.


boohoo MEN

  1. The ‘Long Sleeve Stone Brushed Check Shirt’: what kind of man doesn’t have a chequered shirt? Yeah, indeed, every man has one. But let’s end this once and for all, wear chequered shirts casually and not, for example, to the office! Okay, some people will disagree and say that it does look classy, but you can’t disagree that plain shirts look classier than chequered shirts, right? If I were a man I would wear this like the model is wearing it or I would wrap it around my waist.
  2. The ‘Skinny Fit Jogger With Sports Zip’: some sweatpants for some chilling at home, a must have in every male closet. Wear sweatpants to do your grocery shopping, if men actually do go grocery shopping? 😉
  3. The ‘Skinny Fit Biker Panel MAN Tracksuit’: I’m absolutely in love with men in sweatpants, they always look great in them. And what I love more is a whole tracksuit in the same colour, especially red or black. It’s just so basic but still kind of fashionable. I wouldn’t mind my future husband wearing those every day when he’s just a lazy coach potato… Girls, find yourself a man that can rock the lazy look but also the stylish look!


about you MEN

  1. The ‘Chelsea boots ‘Max’’: Chelsea boots are a big hit, they’re for men and women and both where them a lot. These are just a simple design with a classic look, but you can almost wear them to every event (don’t wear them to a festival though 😉). They are not cheap because they’re fully made of leather, but that means they’ll go a long way, and I think they’re worth buying! They also sell them in a brown colour and that almost always looks good on men.
  2. The ‘Jacket ‘Zoran’’: every man that would describe his style as ‘badass’, should have a black leather jacket in his closet. It’s necessary. So, yes, you’re welcome for the link!
  3. The ‘Trousers ‘Bright_2’’: some grey pants for casual and formal events, why not? Want to look classy? Simple, just add a shirt! Want to look cool? Simple, just add a black thin sweater, roll up those trousers and add the shoes I just described!



  1. The ‘Striped T-shirt’: this mustard yellow colour is in for spring 2018. But it’s already trending! Why not be very colourful for Winter? Maybe I’ll make a different post about colour combinations? What do you all say?
  2. The ‘Padded denim jacket’: this jacket is great for Winter! By putting in those tiny white details, it’s not all boring black. I’d make a basic out if this. Just add a long white t-shirt, some black jeans, cool glasses (a hat is almost always a possibility!) and you’re ready to hit the road!
  3. The ‘Chino trousers’: I like the texture of these trousers and totally like the navy-blue colour (it is also available in a ‘sand’ colour)! Wear a bright red hoodie with this or a nice, tucked in shirt with a professional looking blazer and boom, you have an office outfit.

NUMBER 1 & 2

Unfortunately, Romwe doesnt sell clothes for men, but Ill tell you when they do!

Here are the 3 pieces from Zaful:

Zaful MEN

  1. The ‘Crew Neck Graphic Print Suede Sweatshirt’: when I clicked on the men’s clothing, this popped up, directly. And I liked it immediately. It’s just a simple sweatshirt, but you don’t see the colour that often. Although it comes in different colours (camel, army green, black, coffee, gray, lemon yellow, off white, purplish blue, russet red and wine red), I like the camel colour more. It’s made of cotton, faux leather, and polyester. I’d match this with a long (not too long) white t-shirt coming out under it.
  2. The ‘Button Embellished Polo Tee’: I like the look of this, it looks the best on men with strong arms because it stretches a little bit. You can also buy it in black but black is just… too black?
  3. The ‘Casual Slim Fit Chino Pants’: every man needs a pair of beige/khaki trousers in their closet! They all look good in these trousers, if not, you’re doing something wrong… My opinion is that trousers like these look so much better than skinny jeans on men, just because it makes them look a little more adult. These would totally match the white shirt I just described!

I hope you found something you like, maybe a piece of clothing or a totally new shop, or just the ideas.

A follow, a like, a share, everything is more than welcome 😉.


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