Smart Closet: a dressing on your phone

Phones are probably necessary for a lot of people. Their are thousands of apps to fulfil your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. And who doesnt want a dressing on their phone?!

This is the perfect app if you’re a fashionista like me who has a dressing with a lot of clothes I hardly ever wear because I forgot about them. Everyone always eventually ends up wearing their favourite pieces of clothing.

I have been using this app for more than a year, I think, and this app has made my dressing life much easier!

Just a heads up: its a lot of work to put all your clothes into the app! But you’ll find it worth your while.

Let me tell you how this app works and why it doesn’t take me hours anymore to find an outfit in the morning.

The closet

When I open the app the first thing that pops up are all my clothes and when I click on a piece of clothing, I find some info:



When I open up my lookbook I can find all the outfits I’ve ever put together. This is where you can search for an outfit you want to wear, where you can make an outfit and where you can let the app make outfits. If you click on a certain outfit, again, more info will pop up:


How to let the app make an outfit

I really love this feature, because sometimes I’m out of ideas and this always helps! I need to say that this sometimes makes the worst kind of outfits, but sometimes they look great and sometimes I see myself wearing the idea it gave me with just a few changes.

how to make a rule


This is also one of my favourite features! The calendar is where you save outfits to a specific date. If you wore a specific outfit today, you can add it to this day. If you’re planning to wear an outfit this weekend, you can! This is a perfect way to see your variation of clothing throughout the month and which pieces of clothing you wear the most, or an outfit you wear the most or not at all.



On the tab ‘favourite’ you can find your favourite pieces of clothing, inspiration and ‘shop’. I actually hardly ever use these features, but if I’m lacking inspiration, I sometimes scroll through this feature.



This is where you find more features, user settings and account info.

More features

You’ll find two important buttons: ‘packing’ and ‘statistics


This is perfect if you’re packing your bag but have no idea what you’re going to take. What I always do is plan my outfits in the calendar and then add these to my packing list.



This is where you’ll find how many pieces of clothing you have and how much the content of your dressing costs. You’ll find the clothes by category, by season and by status. You’ll also see what your favourite colours and brands are.


You’ll also find how many outfits you have and how many are categorized within which occasion and season. Here you’ll also find which item you use the most and which you never use. Every look also has a certain value!


And of course, there are also your calendar records. Here you can find your most worn look, your unworn looks, most unworn item and the best price/wear item.


User settings

This is where you find the ‘customize’ and ‘settings’ buttons.


This is where you can customize the item categories, item statuses, and look occasions!



Here you can check the boxes you prefer. I like that the app notifies me a suggested daily look in the morning. Sometimes I actually wear what the app suggests.


Interested? Download the app now!

Having trouble or don’t understand something? Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask!

If you’re just a little bit like me, I’m telling you, this app is wonderful!


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