My 4 Favourite Fashion Icons

Hi y’all, I’ll be talking about my 4 favourite fashion icons in a random order. This is a very short post but if you have any questions, shoot!

Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen)

Kelly Kapowski is a character in the ‘Saved by the Bell’ series and what I love more than the series is the style ‘Kelly Kapowski’ had. It’s straight up 90s fashion, but it’s better than you probably remember the 90’s fashion 😉.Kelly kapowskiI love her style, it’s so outgoing and she can rock anything. If this were a trend again, I’d totally wear it!


You may know Zendaya from ‘Shake It Up’ or ‘K.C. undercover’. She has her own clothing line called ‘Daya by Zendaya’ and her own shoe collection ‘Sole of Daya’.  What I love about Zendaya is the fact that she has so many different styles and she never goes wrong!ZendayaShe can dress casually, goes for cool and trendy, elegant, formal, … I just think she fits every kind of style and that, I think, is so interesting, because I would say my style is varied, but if I compare my style with hers, I’m amazed. I wish I could look good in everything like she does!

Sonya Esman

Sonya Esman is a fashion blogger just like me, but waaaaaaaay more popular!Sonya EsmanI think she’s really good in experimenting with different types of clothing to make a complete outfit. I follow her because she kind of teaches me how to get out of my comfort zone and experiment, and all that by just looking at her pictures. It’s my dream to be able to do the same for my followers!

Harry Styles

We all know Harry Styles because of ‘One Direction’ right? Everyone knows him! I think? Every teenage girl falls in love with this guy and I can’t blame them, because I adore his sense of style!Harry StylesHarry Styles has or had an obsession with opened up shirts, showing off his chest, for some unknown reason. But I’m not complaining! I’d describe his style as ‘rock n roll’ and ‘streetwear’, basically. I’d most definitely fall for a guy like this. Who doesnt want a trendy, fashionable man? 😉

What do you guys all think about their style? Do you have any fashion icons? Leave a comment below!


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