The Latest Fashion Trends

You’re looking for something new to wear but you have no idea what? Maybe have a look at the new trends and find some inspiration!

With every trend I’ll add an outfit I made on ‘Polyvore’ to show you how you could style the trends. You want to know where you can find the clothes? Just comment below or ask me on Facebook/Instagram!

Flower Power

Bringing back the 70s: the more flowers the better the outfit! Maybe you’ve realized that stores are starting to have a lot of clothes with floral print. I find that the trend is okay but that it won’t reach a lot of people. Why? Because a lot are too scared to be so bold. Because, the more print, the more attention they get on the streets. Some people love being in the spotlight with their clothes and they don’t care what other people think, they love it. But some really care what other people think, so there are in fact two options: people wearing it because they think others love it as well, or, people not wearing it because they think that others will hate it.

But here I am, saying the same again, wear what you want, who cares what other people think?

Erdem x H&M

‘Erdem x H&M’ is a new designers collection, following the new trends of course!

Erdem x hm

I especially like the skirt and booties! Because of the black, these designs are simple to combine, when the print is too compressed, it’s harder to combine clothing to make a complete outfit. But it’s achievable!


Flower trend

The first outfit has floral print as detail and the second outfit is all about the floral design! I love both outfits equally: the first I like because it’s so neutral, but still stylish, and the second I like because it’s something different and daring. 10/10 would buy.

Want to know where you can buy these items? Ask me!

Back in Business

Lately there’s more attention to ‘office looks’ in the fashion world. Luckily, because most of us spend a lot of time at an office. Look at the ‘double breasted shapes’ and ‘work sharp silhouettes’, making an office job a lot more fun! I love office outfits and I don’t even work at an office! It makes you just look more ‘adulty’ and so much more feminine, and in a way, I think, it shows a lot of independence.

Erdem x H&M

Erdem x hm business


Office outfit

My first outfit’s theme is obviously the colour ‘blue’. I searched for a double-breasted blouse and some fancy looking pants. A gold watch and some pink lipstick to take another turn.

My second outfit is an office look I would also wear for a night out! I would just change the bag if I went to the office wearing this outfit.

Want to know where you can buy these items? Contact me!

It’s Your Time to Shine

From glossy lipstick to glossy clothing, every glossy thing is trendy (too much ‘glossy’ in one sentence, haha)! My favourite glossy trend must be the lacquered leather. I like faux leather clothing because it has a ‘badass’ touch to it. Plain black jeans are not the same as faux leather jeans, there’s a huge difference between them in style.

Lacquered leather



It was really hard to make an all-round glossy outfit, but hey, theres no such thing like too much gloss, right? I made this outfit, but still, I wouldn’t wear it, because I don’t like the look of the really shiny pants, but I would change it to faux leather pants, which will still make it a bit glossy. Guess there is such a thing like too much gloss, for me anyways 😉.

The second outfit I reallyyyyyyyyy love! It’s so adorable! I seriously wish I had all these items in my closet right now, I would wear it right away (Id tell you when I do 😉). These items went straight through to my wish list. I’d probably wear this to any occasion, except formal events. So happy, I made this outfit.

You want to know where you can buy these items? Just ask, I wont bite!

Grandma Scarves

You know…, the silk scarves? 😉 They are back in trend, time to rethink them!  I like how people wear silk scarves like stewardesses. I don’t know why, but it looks adorable and elegant at the same time.

Silk Scarves

A trend I forgot to talk about? Challenges you want me to do? Let me know!


I know that for some people the outfits I made can seem ‘over the top’, but sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and try it on. Who knows? Maybe ‘over the top’ will be a new fashion trend 😉.



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