ASOS Haul & Try On

Hello everybody!

For those who don’t know what a ‘haul’ is, it’s basically where you buy a bunch of clothes and try them on to tell everyone your opinion.

So, I tried and because this was my first time doing so, I only bought 4 items. I’ll link the items so that you can buy them as well.

Lets go:

Who said hot pink isn’t my colour?

These are the ‘ASOS Woven Peg Trousers with Obi Tie’. On the picture that ASOS shows us the trousers seem lighter of colour. But it’s really, really hot pink, as you can see. The material is polyester, but it feels really nice. The thing I like the most is the ribbon belt. I would wear this to an office, that’s why I added a ponytail (just to not look sloppy). I would wear this with a wool white turtle neck. Like this one.

Pink trousers 1

I wanted to show you how different your outfit looks by just putting your hair up or down. I think, with my hair down, it makes the outfit look more casual. But in the end, I wouldn’t and didn’t buy these trousers, just because of the colour. I agree that pink is not my colour (do you agree as well?). And I think that’s because of my skin colour. I’m too pale for this ‘hot pink’, guess I cant be hot, haha.

Never have I ever worn wide-leg trousers


And maybe I shouldn’t wear them again? What do you think?

Blue trousers hat

These are the ‘ASOS Tailored Contrast Piped Track Pant’. Again, the colour is a lot darker than the picture shows on the website, and it’s not because of the lighting. But I don’t mind, I like navy. If you don’t want to shorten the legs (or are just not good with the needle) and you’re not model-tall, you’d need to wear high heels with these.

Blue trousers

I also bought ‘fishnet tights’ and added them to this outfit. Let me tell you, while I was putting these tights on, I was really scared that they would rip, like all my other tights always need to be thrown away. But they’re safe and I kept them in my closet because they would look nice on some ripped jeans. I’d definitely wear these trousers if they maybe had a different waistband, and like I already said, if they were shorter.

A vintage look? Hell yes!

I am in love with this outfit! What about you?

Indigo pants

Let’s start from the top: I’m wearing the ‘ASOS Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Body’. And I was quite scared to do so, because I thought it wouldn’t suit me with the open shoulders. It’s basic but I love it! I have never worn a bodysuit before and I think I’ll keep wearing it now.

Now the favourite piece I’ve bought from ASOS are definitely these ‘ASOS Tapered Jeans with Curved Seams and Belt in Indigo Wash’. I am in love with every aspect of these jeans: it looks so vintage, the belt is such a nice detail, the ‘indigo’ colour is beautiful, it’s fully made of cotton, it’s high-waisted, it’s just my favourite item of my closet right now.


And that was my last item!

Hope you liked it, if you have any questions, please ask 😊.

If you want me to do more hauls, and you want me to try a specific shop, tell me!

Lots of love,


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  1. xolauranne says:

    Ik hou van je stijl ! De items staan je echt allemaal super goed, fijne zondag ! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awkwardfreya says:

      Oh dankjewel! Fijne zondag! x

      Liked by 1 person

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