Shopping Spree: Ring Shopping #1

Hello, my lovely readers!

I have decided to start with a ‘series’ on my blog and I’m calling it ‘Shopping Spree’. If you don’t know what a shopping spree is, it’s when you’re going to a mall or street or whatever to spend all your money on a lot of clothes. But instead of wasting money, I’m just going to try them on 😉. It’s a win-win situation: I don’t spend any money, you guys get to know what they’re selling by reading the ‘series’. And the shops get free advertisement! Woohoo!

To start off these series I went to the ‘Ring Shopping’ in Kortrijk (Belgium).

Before I start I want to say that the pictures are taken with my phone, so they aren’t the best quality. Also, sometimes the lighting sucks, just dont expect pretty photo’s.


JBC is a Belgian clothing chain with fashion for the ‘whole family’.

When I was younger I hated JBC, because I always thought the clothes were too ‘childish’ (even when I was a child, haha), but since I’ve found a beautiful jumpsuit in this shop, I don’t hate it anymore 😉.

These are my favourite pieces I picked :


I chose something red because it’s almost Christmas. And because it’s cold in December (where I live) I picked a red, warm, jumper dress. I’m wearing an XS, but an XS dress with my length is a bad idea: its a little bit too short. But it covers everything at least. It’s really pretty, I think this would be great for short girls.


This bright red is so beautiful! It really makes your outfit pop. There’s nothing not to like: its soft and comfy. And it says: “trouble is my boyfriend”. Great for the cool girls out there 😉.


I love velvet and I love rompers = great combination 😉. It’s really simple, but I like it. This is great for big parties.


It was hard finding items I liked because it wasn’t a big shop, but this is what I found:

C&A 1

This is a long blazer with handy pockets. I like the pattern: lately, it pops up everywhere. Great for some casual events and office days!


I have never worn faux leather jeans before, and I’m impressed: it’s actually pretty comfy. I like the look, because it doesnt shine bright and it has real, functional pockets 😉.


My favourite pieces of ‘Esprit’:


This is a ‘glittery’ blue top, perfect for counting down to a new year!

If you’re someone who doesn’t really like dresses and skirts, it’s okay to add some trousers (I would add black faux leather jeans). Youll still look fly 😉.

Esprit 2

I think I’m in love with these kinds of trousers. This one especially, because it felt soooo soft.

Esprit 1

This sweater is absolutely adorable! This is great for Winter, because of the warmth and softness it gives you. I like the details and the long sleeves. I’d wear this casually and at home, drinking some hot coco, or maybe not coco because I wouldn’t want to ruin a perfectly white sweater 😉.


First of all I didn’t know there are still shops that dont have mirrors in their changing rooms… There were mirrors outside, but that’s too awkward for awkwardfreya.

So, I’m sorry that the picture sucks, because it was also a really small changing room…


Floral is in this season and that’s why I thought it was a nice item. It’s a simple black dress to look cute. But if you add a biker jacket you’ll look cool, but still adorable 😉. I’d only wear this for casual occasions.


What mall doesn’t have H&M in the 21st century?

For me H&M is a store where I always see beautiful clothing, but when I put on an item, most of the time it doesn’t suit me ☹. But this time I did find one item I loved!


It’s a black jumpsuit! If you know me, you know I’m in love with jumpsuits. I like the fact that it’s with straps, because I haven’t seen that a lot. I’d wear this for upcoming Christmas or New Year, because the bow makes me look like a present 😉, haha.

So that was it, the beginning of a series!

But do you want me to continue with this? Please do tell me, so that I know, I’m not doing something nobody likes 😉.

I sure did have a lot of fun picking out clothes! Only, I’d wish they would magically appear in my closet ☹.



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