What to Wear on Rainy Days

Where I live the rainy and stormy days are finding their way to our daily weather forecast. And I am having a hard time to find the perfect clothes that are okay for the rain and temperature. I made 3 outfits for women, but also for men! Hope you get some inspiration out of this 😊.


women's rain

1. The first outfit is an outfit for days where you think its going to rain, but it just rains a tiny bit, haha, does this make sense? Anyway, I like this outfit because of the pink fur jacket, no idea why, but I’m into fur this season. I guess it just makes you look adorable! I also added some floral design ‘ Martens’ because of the floral trend.

2. I see myself wearing this outfit to school/college. Maybe even for work on cold days! In that sense the Starbucks cup completes the outfit 😉. I really like the shoes in this outfit and I’d totally want to snuggle into that oversized sweater!

3. The third outfit I love the most. I know that there are countries that don’t really have cold autumn/winter days. Where it’s pretty warm. Where I live, we’d probably wear this outfit for spring or autumn. So, this is an outfit for rainy, kind of, hot days, I guess 😉. I really love the high waisted pants and jacket. You could actually wear this for winter, where I live, by just changing the shoes and maybe adding some tights (which no one will see), because of the thin material the pants are made of.


Men's rain1. I’m a huge fan of the brand ‘Carhartt’ for men, I especially like their jackets, just like this camel coloured one. I’m also a big fan of the pants and backpack, because the pants have two different patterns and mostly, when I see pants with two different patterns they’re just too, how do you say it, ‘different’. These patterns are simple and go together well. I also added some ‘Timberlands’, which I really like because they look very cool. And an umbrella to complete the outfit. Although, where I live, I almost never see a man with an umbrella. Why is that? Because they think it’s not cool? I mean, I wouldn’t want a man coming in my office, soaking wet…

2. The second outfit, has, as you can see, ripped jeans. While I don’t really like the look of ripped jeans, sometimes people can pull it off. I added a camel coloured raincoat, which I think would look nice on this outfit, mostly because of the length. I like the bag and ‘ Martens’, because it finishes the outfit and it gives it a badass look. I added some cigarettes because I can see a man wearing this outfit while smoking. However, dont smoke, it might look cool, but youre destroying your lungs.

3. The third outfit I like the most. I based it on a guy’s outfit (the guy is called Louis, he is a candidate in ‘The Voice van Vlaanderen’ (which is the voice of Flanders, in Belgium). The first thing that caught my eye when he performed in the blind auditions was of course, his outfit. I’ve never actually seen a young man wearing this kind of outfit, here in Belgium. So, I find it really original! He’s not only good in singing and playing the guitar, but also in finding the right clothes 😉. But about the outfit, I like how he chose a ‘cabbie hat’, because it’s something you almost never see! I also, again, really like the backpack (which he wasn’t wearing of course).

If you want to know where you can buy these items, don’t hesitate to ask. And tell me which outfit out of the three you would be more likely to wear! 😊

Thanks a lot for reading my post! Always welcome to join my community!



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