The Worst Fall Fashion Trends | 2017

In a month time, fall will be over, and I hope these trends will be over as well:

Stirrup pants

Stirrup pants are leggings with a strap from your ankle to the bottom of your feet.


Why would you wear that? Does that strap have any purpose? So that your leggings don’t curl up? Yeah, I don’t think so.

Kitten heels


The stirrup pants are mostly combined with the ‘kitten heels’. And I’m sorry, many people probably love these kind of shoes, but I just hate them. I wouldn’t wear these, not ever. They have the smallest heels ever, so why does it even have heels?

All fur handbags


Please tell me why? Isn’t fur supposed to keep you warm instead of your bag? I’m sorry but it just looks like you’re carrying a dead animal with you. I just, can’t understand this trend…

Skirt over jeans


Hahahahaha, this takes me all the way back to where I was 9 or 10 years old. I experimented a lot with clothes and I sometimes wore a skirt over my jeans, just because I felt cool and fashionable. But please, that was just hideous, and I guess it still is. ASOS sells these ‘skirt over jeans’ and I don’t know who the hell are buying these?

Are there any more ugly fashion trends I forgot to talk about? Always welcome to tell me what you think!

If you like some of these, please don’t take it personal, it’s only my opinion. I also wear things some people think are ugly, not everyone is the same.



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