The Winter Trends | 2017 & 2018

WHi everyone!

Now that December is right around the corner, it’s time to talk about the new trends!

With every trend I made some outfits to go. Maybe you’ll find something you like and who knows, maybe you’ll start following the trend 😊.

Feel free to ask me where you can buy the items!

Now let’s get into it…

Back to the 70’s

Most people think about ‘disco’ when they’re looking back at the 70’s, and yes, they’re right. But luckily, the ‘disco trend’ isn’t back… yet.

It’s all about the casual look back in the 70’s. Now everyone knows this decade is filled with ‘flower power. You guessed it, that’s the theme of my following outfits!

But before I get to the outfits, I’d like to give my opinion on this trend; I don’t really like the style of the 70’s but if you take that era and put it in a modern coat, it looks quite good! I think I’d give this trend a 7 out of 10 😉.

70's trend 21. I like the colour theme of this outfit. I found a weird patterned blouse I would definitely not But when I added the high waisted shorts, and all the accessories, I changed my mind 😉.

2. This is an outfit I see myself wearing at a hotel bar, sipping some wine, looking fancy as hell.

70's trend3. I like this outfit, just because of the pants. They look really comfortable! I see myself wearing this outfit to a concert or probably more at a festival. I actually find the ‘woman power’ top okay, because, yes, why not? Woman power!

4. I found Wally! This outfit is so adorable, but I added a faux leather jacket because it just needed that something ‘extra’, you know? I really like the ‘ Martens’ shoes and the silk scarf, it just gives the outfit a nice touch. I see myself wearing this, casually.

The 80’s Are Back

The 70’s and the 80’s at the same time? What a luxury! Haha.

You probably think about a lot of crazy and bright colours while thinking about the 80’s. Now, I’m sorry, but I’m not bringing those bright colours into my outfits! I tried to keep it casual for today’s fashion.

The 80's trend1. Of course, the turtle neck, couldn’t leave that sweater out of my ideas! I like this outfit because it looks so cosy! It looks warm and I would like to wear this outfit because of the comfort. And I know a lot of people will hate this outfit because it looks like it just came out of a 1980’s movie… But that’s kinda… the point. The heels and the coat make it look much more modern and maybe that’s why I’d like to wear it.

2. This outfit is probably not ‘really 80’s’, but I think it is, just in a modern kind of way, if that makes any sense? I think the pearls and sunglasses give an 80s vibe to it! This is an outfit I would most definitely wear. What about you?

Through Time and Space

Foil and metallic made it to the trend ladder! If these designs don’t make you think about outer space, then what are you thinking about?

With foil and metallic you can go two ways, either ‘perfectly matched’ or a ‘horrible disaster’…

Let’s see how I pulled it off… Because let me tell you, this was hard!

Space Jam trend1. This isn’t a full on metallic outfit, but making one is hard. So, I chose one metallic looking item (the dress + the shoes, also) and tried to find matching stuff. I think I did well. I would wear this on New Years Eve, because then it’s all about the ‘shine’!

2. Now this is an outfit I don’t know how I feel about… In a way it’s cool, but for me it’s just too much ‘foil’. But I wanted to try and make a full on ‘foily outfit’. But it kind of ended up like a cowboy in space… What do you think? I don’t really hate it, though.

Stay Neutral

Earthy browns, classic khaki and crisp winter whites… what is not to love? These are basic colours that are perfect for a neutral look.

I love this trend, just because the colours are so basic, but you can go so far in combining these items in those specific colours.

Neutral trend1. An all-white outfit… Yes, I dared and achieved. A lot of people don’t like a one coloured outfit, but they forget that there are many kinds of white or other colours. This is how I put the outfit together. I just added some jewellery, a hat, and a bag to complete it. The brown just goes so well with the white. I’m in love with it.

2. For the second outfit I went for the office look. Again, with the white and brown, but I like how I put some ‘orangy brown’ into the outfit.

Too Much Glitter?

I have seen so much glitter clothing in the stores, from fully glittered sweaters to beanies and gloves. And it’s also popular, where I live. I see so many girls wearing those fully glittered sweaters, and I absolutely hate it. No offence to the girls, but why? And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I mean those sweaters with the shiny circles, and when you rub it, it changes colour. You also have it in different kind of patterns, like dogs and stuff. But anyways, if you own one and you like it, keep wearing them. Maybe we just don’t have the same style.

Glitter trend1. A crop top, some trousers, a glittery sweater (which is not made of shiny circles that change colour when you rub it…) and some platform sneakers to finish the outfit. I like the outfit, I would probably wear it to a party, birthday party, or something like that. Just because I can’t really see the glitter being something casual… But if you can make an outfit that changes my mind, do so!

2. I love, love, love this outfit! That dress looks so magnificent, I seriously wish I could pull that off ☹. Just look at how fancy and feminine it looks. If you’d wear this to a gala or maybe prom, all eyes will turn your way, for sure!

That was all folks!

Just want to add that ribbons are in trend as well, although they have always been a trend, they faded to the background, but now they’re back in the spotlight!

Thanks a lot for reading my post! Always welcome to join my community!



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