What to Wear in December

I’m back with brand new outfits I created for December. I made four outfits, and each outfit is for a different occasion (you can wear it anywhere you want ofcourse). And you guessed it, it’s Christmas themed. Even though you might not celebrate Christmas, these are still outfits you can wear whenever you want.

I will link, as a Christmas gift to you, every single piece to where you can buy it 😉. Handy dandy, right?

(Challenge for you all: show me your outfits or favourite pieces for December! Send them to me on Facebook and Ill post your outfits with credits to you of course!)

Christmas Shopping


If the Christmas tree doesn’t give away the theme…

In December people start shopping for Christmas gifts, and that’s why I thought of this outfit. The red and blue chequered dress is perfect for casual occasions, like… shopping! Who doesn’t love shopping??? 😉 But it’s too cold to go out with a dress, so I added some thigh high, black boots and a long, wool, soft, red coat. I really love the coat, it’s bright, which makes the outfit pop, and it’s a Christmas colour. Speaking of Christmas colours, I added green, leather gloves and handbag.

Started from the bottom:

  1. Shoes: by Lulus
  2. Gloves: by Valentino
  3. Handbag: by Calvin Klein
  4. Dress : by Rose gal
  5. Coat: by Winser London
  6. Christmas tree: yes, I’m linking this too: by Biglots

Now were here (up to the next outfit 😉).

Time for School (or Work)


Even in December you must go to work or school, I’m very sorry ☹😉. Though, in Belgium secondary schools only have 3 (some 2) weeks of exams. How is it in your country? But moving on to the outfit: it’s a casual outfit to wear to school or work or to hang out with friends, … I added a beanie and a scarf, because otherwise it’s not really ‘coldproof’, a beanie and a scarf can make a huge difference in warmth.

Buy the clothes:

  1. Shoes: by Timberland
  2. Jeans: by Topshop
  3. Backpack: by Eastpak
  4. Shirt: by Madewell
  5. Jacket: by End.
  6. Scarf: by Nordstrom
  7. Beanie: by Patagonia

A Cold Strawberry Milkshake in the… Cold

24252158_2157321750961465_488311809_nDefinitely ‘pretty in pink’. Usually I don’t like tees with text on it, but this one I thought was okay (because I love strawberries 😉). And of course, I had to add something ‘furry’ in one of these outfits, you should wear fur at least once in December (just kidding, or not?). The bow is a cute little detail I thought was perfect for this kind of outfit.

Where to find them:

  1. Shoes: by Beston Shoes
  2. Jeans: by Elliott Lauren
  3. Handbag: by Karl Lagerfeld
  4. Gloves: by Banana Republic
  5. Sweatshirt: by Boogzel
  6. Jacket: by Dikoaina
  7. Scarf: by Zaful
  8. Bow: by Francescas

It’s Christmas Time


Finally, the outfit for special occasions like Christmas eve and Christmas! I went for gold and red, because they’re both colours of Christmas. The golden shoes, look so fancy… and expensive (but they’re cheap, yay!). I wanted to add a long coat to cover the dress, for special effect, ya know. To complete the fabulous red dress, the outfit, I added some golden jewellery, earrings, and a bracelet.

Buy these pieces here:

  1. Shoes: by Make Me Chic
  2. Dress: by Rose gal
  3. Coat: by Max Mara
  4. Handbag: by Mango
  5. Bracelet: by Isabel Marant
  6. Earrings: by Mounser

Which outfit do you like the most?

Try out the challenge!


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