My Christmas Wishlist | Gift Ideas

I made a wish list to give you all an idea what to ‘ask for Christmas’, or what to buy for a girl like me. The list will contain what I like, so I’m not adding gift ideas I don’t like, obviously.

This list is for pet, photography, vintage, and videography -lovers.

Some are really expensive, and some are cheap, I hope you find something that fits your budget.

Dear Santa,

A Best Friend

No, I’m not going to be all sentimental and tell you guys I have no friends (I have great friends), I’m all alone, blablabla…  No, with a ‘best friend’ I mean a dog!

I already have a dog, a Great Dane and she’s a funny pet, but she’s more attached to my other family members. She’s also really big (no not a pony), so it’s hard to go for a walk with her, which I never do since I discovered she’s stronger than I, haha. It would be cool to have a pet which loves me like I love them. And at the same time, I thought, my dog could use another ‘dog friend’ to play with.


I’d love a Shiba Inu, Akita Inu or a Golden Retriever. But I know I’m only getting a dog when I live alone. So, I’ll leave this on my list until then 😊.

Do you also want a dog? Which breed? 😊

HP Sprocket

The ‘HP Sprocket’ is a really cool mobile phone printer. Like it says: you can take pictures with your phone and via an app you can print the pictures as small as a polaroid. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket. HP also sells the perfect photopaper for this printer, so I’d advise you to buy these and not really cheap ones, because then your photos will probably look like – sorry, Santa – shit.


I think this is perfect for people who like to be creative, like me. I keep a diary and an adventure book, and I make loads of pictures on my phone that I’d like to paste in my diary or adventure book, so this is a really handy thing. Even if you just want to make your room look nicer by hanging pictures of your friends on the wall, or want to keep a special picture in your wallet, … it’s perfect for many people.

Record player

I love vintage stuff that got modernised. Just like record players that still play records but now also play music from your phone.


I especially like this marine blue one from ‘Ricatech’.


It wouldn’t be fun if I only used the record player for music on my phone. But like I said, I love vintage like vinyl records.


I’d love to have the record of Bon Iver, especially for the song ‘Wash.’. It’s so relaxing and beautiful. Next on my list are Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Guns ‘n Roses, Nirvana,…

I was searching for beautiful relaxing songs like Bon Ivers. But I couldnt find such records, do you have any recommendations?

Blue Snowball USB Microphone


I don’t think this needs any explanation 😊.

Flash Speedlite

I have a ring light for pictures, but I can’t carry it around with me everywhere. I love making videos and a flash would be perfect for dark rooms and night times.


Camera Backpack

I do have a bag for my camera but it’s not handy when traveling. A backpack would be awesome.


This is probably really handy for travel bloggers!

Dressing Table

I’m not really a beauty freak, I only wear make up for special occasions (except for lipstick, which I put on every day) and even then, I only use lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. I have foundation and bronzer and highlighter and blush… and all the other stuff. But I don’t touch it because I have no idea how to use it, haha. Someone who can help me out?

dressing table

But even though I don’t wear make up often, I have a lot of make up laying around. I tried to organize them, but I failed. A dressing table would solve my problem, and it looks cute. I found two at Ikea’s.

If these items are too expensive and you’re still looking for girly items, here’s a list: a voucher for her favourite store, The Life Palette, Tea Time Goodies, Gift Basket, Coffee Addict, Cosmetic Organizer, Scratch the World, Cinema Light Box, Anti-theft Backpack,… If you still can’t find anything, ask, and I’ll help you!

That’s all!

Is there something on my list you also want? Or do you have any recommendations? Tell me! 😊


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