My Top 5 Favourite TED Talk Videos

For those who don’t know what TED Talk is. It’s this wonderful media organisation that organise ‘talks’ all around the world. It is devoted to spreading ideas. The talks are usually short and powerful.

I think TED Talk is amazing, because it gives people a voice and has other people listen.

Of course, I haven’t seen all TED Talks. But I made a top 5 of my favourites (the videos are hyperlinked to the titles!). And I seriously recommend reading until the end, because I also want to give you all a meaningful message.

#5 How adaptive clothing empowers people with disabilities
By Mindy Scheier

My field of study was Care for the Young and Disabled. And I’ve worked with a lot of people who have a handicap. Mentally, physically or both. I have noticed that they often wear really basic clothes. A lot of sweatpants and hoodies with a zipper. Shoes with straps instead of laces… And so on. Sometimes they hardly realize what they are wearing, but sometimes they do care but need to wear ‘easy clothing’ because their disability prevents them from wearing anything else. Well, the woman in the TED Talk has a son who is like that. He always wore sweatpants but one day he didn’t want to wear them anymore, he wanted to be like the others. In summary, he didn’t feel confident. And that’s a normal thing. Clothes show people who you are without needing to speak to you.

This woman is a fashion designer and adapted some jeans for her son, so he could go to the toilet alone and put his jeans on by himself. Adapted clothing for the disabled exists, but to be fair, it’s never really fashionable. People with disabilities are just like us, they can have the same interests. Just like mine, fashion. And it’s sad that just because someone has a disability that affect the muscles he can’t follow fashion.

This woman’s organization ‘Runway for Dreams’ is a great success.


#4 Want to change the world?
By Cleo Wade

This is simply stating a fact. A lot of us human beings ask the world to stop the hatred, stop letting the world suffer, and so on and on… This is with good intentions but think about it, when you ask for peace, are you someone who always comes and goes with peace? When you ask for love instead of hatred, do you always love instead of hate?

Sometimes we ask the world things, it cannot give, because sometimes the problem starts with us and if we solve it, that’s already one thing more to ‘save the world’, even though we won’t be a hero with a cape, we can be brave enough to care. People help people.

This woman tells us something we hear a lot. But she shows us that we hear it but also only hear it. You have the power to change someone’s life and start with your own. Stop asking the world to change, because you are a part of this world, so answer your own questions.


#3 Free yourself from your filter bubbles
By Joan Blades and John Gable

These are two completely different people, one is born in a big city, the other born in a small town. The big city voted more for Hilary Clinton and the small town voted more for Donald Trump. What do we call this? Yes, diversity.

We live in a world with so many different people, different cultures, and with that come so many different ideas. That’s great right? But through technology we filter out those who don’t agree with us, we connect with people who think more like ‘us’. So, you are more likely to hear a lot of the same ideas you have. And because of that, because you’re not listening to other ideas, your tolerance for other ideas, so other people, is very low. And that’s how we start to ‘hate’ each other more. And I think this is a very good explanation, I never thought about it like that.

They call it ‘filter bubbles’, and luckily technology has found a way to lessen the bubbles. Guys, we need to give other people a chance. We need to listen to other cultures, we need to live together, work together. We need to put our heads together and use our differences. Because differences will bring more and different ideas. We need to think about our joint future, not just our own.

So many people lose relationships, just because of their differences. I have lost someone who didn’t want to understand my feelings. I have lost so many people due to our differences, and they even hated me for it. I bet you have lost someone too. Think about your own family. Parents that kick you out because they have another point of view on your future. A family member that can’t deal with other countries, because their country is the best. A sibling who has too much pride to even deal with you, because they feel they are so much better than you. Or just people who wouldn’t listen to you, who didn’t want to understand you…

What if those parents listened to you and contemplated your future together? What if that family member could see what other great inventions other countries bring? What if that sibling understood that we are all good at something and that we’re all just human beings?

Get the point?


#2 How online abuse of women has spiralled out of control
By Ashley Judd

Hate, hate is everywhere. Hate for things you don’t know shit about. This woman has gone through three rapes. And for those who don’t know what that is exactly, it’s when someone sexually assaults you WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. And there are people out there who say: “who cares, it’s just sex.”. Who cares? The one who was assaulted cares. It is her body somebody chose to traumatize. How would you feel as a 19 year old to have an elderly man or woman rape you? Would you be like “meh, I don’t care.”? Some of you don’t know what to answer, simply because you haven’t been traumatized like that, and I’m happy you haven’t been. I would fear every unknown elderly man, or just every man. I would be scared to walk alone in the dark…

Sometimes a person who has been raped, moves on after years of struggling. Her mind moves on, but her body doesn’t. Her body keeps reacting to physical contact such as a slap on the butt. It scares her more than it ‘scares’ someone who hasn’t been through rape.

This woman opened up about it and got so many hate comments in return. “You probably showed cleavage. You’re an attention whore. Your eyes probably just begged for it. You probably dressed inappropriate.”. Dont you hear how f-ing stupid that sounds?

Who are you to say what actually happened? Who are you to say she is a liar? Were you there? Seriously. She opens up to try and end the stigma, but then people who think they are so cool and intelligent behind a little bright screen, come in to break this woman down. My question to these people is: where the hell is your sense of intelligence and emotions? People who do this are actually just cyber-bullying. Thinking their opinion matters when they don’t know shit about it. And that makes me so cross. Because please explain to me WHY it’s okay to comment on her like that? I 100 percent bet you cannot give me an answer that has some brains behind it.

I wear crop tops, I wear tight jeans, I wear short shorts, I wear bikinis… If you see someone like this, do you think “if she gets raped it’s her own fault.”? I seriously hope you don’t think that way. A body is only of one person. No one else needs to decide for you what needs to happen with your own body.

I understand that when people see someone they think is beautiful, and this is mostly heard between guys “I would definitely do her.” But (most of them) don’t. Because she may be beautiful, but they still have respect.

This is just a subject that I will never agree on with people who say rape is okay. IT IS NEVER OKAY.

And finally, I want to share some shocking statistics. Because, apparently a lot of people don’t have brains. Read it. Think about it.


#1 To This Day … for the bullied and beautiful
By Shane Koyczan

I kind of think of Shane Koyczan as my hero. First of all, I love his writing, his videos. And second, everything he says is relatable.

I saw his To This Day video, before I saw his TED Talk. And I recommend for you to watch the video. It’s animated which makes it easier to understand. Even though it’s not really easy, it is beautifully animated.

I don’t want to use much words for this one, because I think this is something you need to just hear. Let everything around you die down, don’t let you be interrupted. Open your ears, and get your tissues ready.

Again, this is something that will really mean something to people who have been through what he says. But I think it can make people understand who haven’t necessarily been through the whole situation. You can just feel the pain through his words, because you can imagine it is you.

I think this is a really important video that should be shown in a lot of schools around the world. Parents, etc. It’s just a small way to maybe make people understand more. What it does to a human. Why it affects someone’s future…

Just watch and listen.


So, these were my favourites. What are yours?

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know, and we can talk about it!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. I loved Ashley Judd TED Talk. Her subject is extremely powerful! It shocked me to no end to see the results of the poll. Those are utterly disgusting responses.

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  2. bestking says:

    Nice one

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  3. These all sound intriguing. Thanks for recommending!

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