Valentine’s Day | Date Ideas

For people who actually celebrate Valentine’s day or just want to have a special day with your loved one. I’ve got some ideas for you!

What Can Go Wrong?

They say a man’s love goes through the stomach, you guessed it, make a home cooked dinner! I’m a big fan of making things instead of buying things for gifts. Cook your man’s favourite course, sip some wine, surrounded by candle light. If you’re around my age I would say see a movie together afterwards, or play some video games (if you play games). It’s cosy, cute, and on a low budget. You can also cook together, because that’s fun, but please don’t burn the place down.


Adventure Time

If you’re dating someone adventurous, you can go on a hike and do a picnic. Or go cliff jumping, bungee jumping, cave diving, kayaking, camping, skydiving, rock climbing… It isn’t really ‘romantic’, but I would love (a) date(s), like this.


Stay in Bed

Again, with food: you can’t go wrong with breakfast in bed! He or she doesn’t have to get up and get breakfast, but can stay in the comfort of their bed.


Jazz Hands

My ideas are things I actually love to do, so you won’t like every one of these, just like this one: a night at a Jazz Club! When I was in New York I desperately wanted to go to one and I did, and it was so cool. I went with my parents, but it has a romantic vibe, you enjoy the live music, drink, and talk. What do you want more?

Be Cheesy

You can always surprise him or her, by doing the cheesy ‘things’, like leaving a note to dress nice and when you’re going to pick her up, and go wherever you want to go. Or use loads of rose petals, like in the movies…

giphy (1)


A quiet retreat in the woods seems like a romantic idea. You’re away from everything and everyone. You don’t give your phones any attention, but only give each other attention. Here, you can do the same as listed above (cooking…).


What about a spa day? If your loved one has a really stressy job, you can surprise her with the spa, to relax and drink a bottle of champagne together.

tenor (1)

Started from the Bottom

Go to the place you two met! If you met in a school or something like that, this isn’t really a good idea, haha. But if it was in a park (then you’re for sure a really sociable person), you can go picnicking. If it was in a club or a bar, go drink with each other. Or just go to the place where your first date was.

Sing It

Who doesn’t love singing, even though you can’t really sing? I love karaoke bars, where everyone goes that sucks at singing but still sing their lungs out. If you two love singing, why not? I’d rather do it with my friends, than with just one person. Double date? 😉


Or Just Use Your Brain

Just do something you like together, you like cooking? Take a cooking class together! Dance classes, paint classes… Or you guys like humour? Go to a comedy show! Musicals, circus shows…

And that are all of my ideas!

Which date do you like the most? Or have you ever been on a date like one of these?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. lymadrid says:

    A jazz club does sound pretty appealing~

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    1. awkwardfreya says:

      It’s totally worth it!


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