Shopping Spree: the Meir #1

Hello, readers!

I’m back with a new Shopping Spree location! This time I went to the Meir in Antwerp, but I didn’t have lots of time, so I only did a few shops. But I promise I’ll do the rest next time.

First, I went to H&M, then Bershka and ended my short shopping spree at New Look.

Before I start I want to say that the pictures are taken with my phone, so they aren’t the best quality. Also, sometimes the lighting sucks, just dont expect pretty photo’s.


H&M is seriously making it very hard to let me find something I like. But maybe this is because there were like three H&M stores in one street, and I only visited one.

But yeah, here are my favourites:


Long coats are awesome, and they are really fashionable, so, get yourself a long coat if you don’t have one. This is a really long, navy coloured, wool coat. It’s warm and just gorgeous.


A suit for women, yes it exists. I know a lot of young women who have the idea when a woman wears a suit, they look like a man. Do I look like a man?

You might not see this much on the street, but it’s definitely fashion. It’s classy and ‘businessy’. But please don’t wear it like I’m wearing it, because I’m wearing a pullover sweater underneath the blazer. Why? Because look at it, the sleeves of my sweater come out of the sleeves of the blazer. And… just don’t.

I’m really glad I bought this suit!

And, no, I don’t look like a man.

By the way, this is a perfect look for an ‘inverted triangle’ shape (post about body shapes coming soon).


One of my favourite shops is starting to disappoint me…

But I still found my favourite pieces of ‘Bershka’:

Bershka 3

I liked/like this top because it looks really vintage. And I love vintage. I like the turtle neck as well and the baggy detail to it. I’d tuck this top in some high waisted jeans with a big belt to make it look more vintage.

Bershka 2

A blouse? A white blouse? Saaaay whaaaat? I barely ever wear a blouse. But since I bought a suit, I need a blouse to go with it. I can’t wear a t-shirt with the blazer (DONT WEAR T-SHIRTS OR SWEATERS WITH BLAZERS!!!!!!). But since I don’t wear any, it’s hard to find something I will wear more often. But I found the perfect one! I like this one because it’s simple, no buttons, not sticky, a pretty shape and it looks really feminine.

I think I need to give ‘blouses’ a chance in my closet 😉.

By the way, for the ‘apple shaped people’, this wide blouse is something that would look perfect on you! Wear it!

Bershka 5

Oh, another jumpsuit? Surprise! I think this looks awesome because of the two different types of patterns. Dots and stripes are trendy, so together it’s… super trendy! Haha. I know I’m not funny #cry.

Again, for the ‘rectangle people’, a jumpsuit with a waist band gives you curves.

New Look

I love New Look, it’s cheap and often my style. But have you ever realized how small their jeans can get? It’s for like 11-year olds or something, but New Look’s style isn’t really something for 11-year olds or younger… But hey, I still like the shop.

I picked out my favourite pieces from the store:

New Look 5

I am so sorry for the quality of this picture! It’s so bad. But at least you can kinda see what I’m wearing. It’s a red coat. And I absolutely love red clothes because they always stand out. It’s such a bright and happy colour. You should wear this because you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

New Look 3

I absolutely adore this camel colour. It’s a crop top, but it’s like… a really short crop top… But also a really warm crop top. I was kind of hesitating to take this to the changing room with me because it’s so short, but when I tried it on I really like how it looked/looks! Wear this with some vintage high waisted jeans and boom! The outfit is complete (just don’t forget shoes 😉).

New Look 2

It’s always a risk to wear white because it can get dirty real fast. So, my advice is to wear white when you’re going to pay attention to what you eat and what you do or if you’re doing nothing special, or like, on your wedding… Haha. Because, be honest, you look sloppy with a visible stain, and on white every stain is visible. But back to the top. It’s a peplum crop top and I absolutely love peplum styles (and crop tops of course)! ‘Rectangle people’, this is something you need to wear! As you can see, it gives you curves!

I really wanted to buy this one by the way, but I need to save my money ☹.

So that was it! What do you think?

I sure did have a lot of fun picking out clothes! Only, I’d wish they would magically appear in my closet ☹.

Note: I wanted to ask if you ever put an outfit together out of your comfort zone, with some help of my posts it would be awesome if you showed me your outfits! You can always message me via Facebook (see sidebar) or e-mail ( or down below in the comment section for showing off your outfits or for asking some help It would make me happy!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Zwarte truitje en de lange jas zijn geweldig. De rest is ook leuk. Maar dat past niet bij mij. Het staat jou goed in ieder geval goed. Groetjes van Ilona🌸

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  2. The black jumpsuit is so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awkwardfreya says:

      Yeah, I almost bought it, but I need to save my money 😦

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  3. in love met die jassen! ❤

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