What to wear for Valentine’s Day | Men & Women

Hi everyone! Last week I made a post about Valentines Day date ideas, and now I’d like to add some outfits to those ideas. I spoke of an adventure date, picnic date, jazz date, karaoke date, cooking date, cocktail date… I hope you like the outfits!

The Picnic Date

Picnicdate Collage

[These outfits are really simple, because its just a picnic date]

  1. Women:

It wasn’t hard to find some stylish pants that matched with the blouse. I really like these ‘formal looking’ pants, because they’re always so elegant, with the bow and all… The shoes weren’t a hard find either. Only finding the right bag to complete the outfit was kinda hard… Actually, really hard… Because at first, I thought that bringing a handbag to a picnic looked kinda stupid. And then I thought about backpacks, but that just wasn’t quite right either. So, because it looks like an office outfit, I said: “I can add this bag, because she’s only just off work, and came directly from her work to the date.”. So that makes it about right 😉.

But the outfit:

  1. Men:

It’s a bit the same as the style for the woman. Casual shirt, casual pants… I just added some Chelsea boots, a watch, and sunglasses to make it complete.

Buy the outfit:

The Adventure Date

Adventuredate Collage

[Making sporty kind of outfits was a little bit hard, because sports fashion isnt really my forte. But I tried, and I bet you cant find the 7 differences! Jk. There are none.]

  1. Women:

For the women I made an outfit I actually wear. I have the exact same sweatpants and they are unbelievably comfortable!!! And they look really cool as well. When I train I’m also wearing a crop top with it. It’s kind of the same as this one but without the big logo and just 3 stripes at the sides. But that doesn’t really matter. (By the way, I prefer crop tops not just because I like them but theyre sticky and t-shirts annoy the hell out of me when I run.). Back to the outfit though, I added a pink Nike sweater, that when it’s cold I would wear it but when it’s warm I’d tie the sweater around my waist. Also, some pretty shoes, a hat, and a big backpack.

Buy the outfit:

  1. Men:

Again, it’s just the same kind of outfit like the woman’s. Some Nike sweatpants, T-shirt and a hat. And an Adidas jacket I really like, because I think it looks cool. Also, some shoes and again a backpack! By the way I don’t know if you realized but I really like Adidas and Nike as sport brands. So, they’re both wearing the two brands, the woman wears Adidas pants, an Adidas crop top and a Nike sweater. The man wears Nike pants, a Nike shirt and an Adidas jacket. So, I basically just swapped places, hahaha.

Buy the outfit:

The Cooking Date

Cookingdate Collage

  1. Women:

This romper is so cute! I like the embroidery details and the blue denim colour. So, I wouldn’t want it to get dirty while cooking, that’s why you should wear this gorgeous cooking apron. I added my favourite boots, and don’t tell me you can’t wear heels while cooking because “you could fall”. If you can’t walk on block shaped heels like this, while standing still most of the time, you probably can’t wear any kind of heels then. Now with the hair, because the outfit is cute I wanted the hairstyle to be cute as well. A ponytail or whatever is okay too, but always pull your hair back while cooking! Because it’s not really tasty to find a strand of hair in your food…

Buy the outfit:

  1. Men:

I pictured a man cooking, stirring in a big pot, with his sleeves all rolled up messily. Just a shirt and some nice pants will do. And Chelsea boots of course! I also added some glasses because I think they look cute with this outfit, but your glasses will probably damp when you’re stirring in a hot pot. But I heard it’s perfect for cutting unions, haha.

Buy the outfit:

The Karaoke Date

Karaokedate Collage

[This is my favourite mens outfit.]

  1. Women:

Because it’s a karaoke date I didn’t want it to look too formal. So, a cute red swing dress, because you’ll be swinging, haha. A faux suede jacket I find awesome, a little red bag, and some see-through shoes. I also added a really cool sailor hat, because it fits well with the jacket. I would totally wear this outfit to a karaoke date but also just for casual occasions, because it’s kind of a cute rock look as well.

Buy the outfit:

  1. Men:

This is my favourite outfit of all time I’ve made for men (I haven’t made many though). I seriously adore the white shirt with the little bow and the well fitted dark blue pants. The colour of the pants is absolutely perfect.

Because I gave the women’s outfit a swing dress I added some suspenders here, because I think they make the outfit cool. Then over to the thing I like the most about this outfit: that handsome guy with the camera!!! Haha. I added him here because of his hair (and beard, I like beards), his hair is messy and… well, messily perfect.

Guys, wear this outfit and I think a lot of eyes will turn to you 😉. But don’t think about that when you’re on a date, because that wouldn’t be very nice… Haha, but there’s no problem with noticing how good you look!

Buy the outfit:

The Jazz Date

Jazzdate Collage

[Its sad they dont have Jazz Clubs where I live. We have Jazz Clubs, but theyre so far from my house.]

  1. Women:

So, I’ve been to a Jazz Club once (in New York), I forgot the name, but it was really nice. I wore a black jumpsuit, but that doesn’t really matter at the moment.

For women I chose a reallyyyyyyyyy sexy low cut deep cleavage body-con dress. Well, that’s a pretty long name I went for, haha. It looks best on women who have cleavage of course (so, for women like me (there’s no shame in that), I would wear a black jumpsuit instead of the dress).

I haven’t seen a lot of ‘plasticy’ coats, but I’ve seen a girl wear a black one like this and I thought it was actually pretty cool. By just looking at it on a web shop I always thought this was weird, but now that I’ve seen it with my own eyes, it’s gorgeous!

To make the outfit complete I added a lovely clutch and some pretty shoes, and I went with a hairstyle that’s neat, like this bun.

Buy the outfit:

  1. Men:

The usual black tuxedo with a little shimmer and glossy shoes… I was thinking how I could make the outfit more ‘jazzy’, so, I thought about my favourite accessory… yes, a hat! I found this one with a feather on the side after a long search. And I thought it was perfect! I think I’d adore every man that wears a hat (or caps), I can’t control it, haha. But seriously, guys, this outfit will make you look so classy and rich in a way.

Buy the outfit:

The Cocktail Date

Cocktaildate Collage

[I kept the best outfit for women for last]

  1. Women:

This dress caught my eye immediately. It’s body-con, has a turtle neck, and has a beautiful red and black pattern. And then immediately after I found this dress I saw this fur jacket, and I was sold. Then, I only had to search for some shoes and a bag, and that wasn’t hard. Some red glossy shoes and a lovely round bag. And I think the outfit would look nice with a high, sleek ponytail.

You should definitely wear this on a date like this, going to a fancy restaurant and end up sipping in a cocktail bar. This outfit will make you look gorgeous. And you’ll look like you’re a very wealthy business woman, haha.

Buy the outfit:

  1. Men:

I like blue suits like this one more than black suits. I also love a nice, black necktie on men. I think you probably noticed how much I like suits on men, now, haha. Well, I like it if they wear it right. Because I know a few young men who choose the wrong suits for their body type.

I added some matte, classy shoes and I also like the hair of the man wearing this suit, actually.

Buy the outfit:

So that were the outfits!

What do you think? Did I forget anything crucial?

Note: I wanted to ask if you ever put an outfit together out of your comfort zone, with some help of my posts it would be awesome if you showed me your outfits! You can always message me (or just comment on the post) via Facebook (see sidebar) or e-mail (s_freya@outlook.com) for showing off your outfits or for asking some help It would make me happy!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. weedjee says:

    A thing is sure all you wear is fantastic in St. Valentine or day to day
    Happy weekend and live it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awkwardfreya says:

      Thank you so much! 😊


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