Floral Design Day

Next week, February 28th is ‘Floral Design Day’. If you don’t know what that is (while the name actually gives it away), for thousands of years, floral design has been an important cultural art form. And next week we celebrate that type of art by bouquets, paintings…, and of course, fashion!

I chose my favourite types of flowers and made an all floral outfit with it! Enjoy!

Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

  1. This is a really basic outfit. A sweater, some jeans, booties and a backpack. I think you can wear this outfit anywhere. Going to school, going grocery shopping… Just don’t wear it if your colour isn’t yellow. I’ve got not much to say, but you might be thinking what that pinkish thing is coming out of the bag. It’s chewing gum, because for some reason I see someone wearing this with a messy ponytail, chewing some gum… I know, weird, haha.

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  1. This is my favourite outfit out of the two. I just love the pop of colour jumping right in your face. It’s simple, a T-shirt, shorts and a lovely backpack. But the red is just gorgeous. When I saw these shoes, I knew I had to add them to some outfit and this was the perfect one. But because of the shoes I had to find something else in that bright red because the attention would go directly to your feet, and we don’t want people just staring at our feet, do we? So, I found this hat and I thought it was perfect with the hairstyle I added and the big glasses, making you look simple but cool.

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Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame

  1. A floral jumpsuit with a matching phone case? Goals. Just kidding. It’s because of the matching colours I added it of course. With the navy coloured jumpsuit, I also added a navy coloured bag. A black crop jacket with some black shoes. And my two favourite things about this outfit, a dark bleu hat and a light blue watch. I want to add that this outfit is really fitting for people who have an apple body shape! I’m sure it will look good (check out my body shapes post, please dont feel offended).

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  1. Out of the two this is my favourite outfit. Black, floral, wide-legged, high waisted pants, a crop top and a gorgeous fur coat to give some more colour. With the bag, sunglasses, and one of my favourite shoes your look is complete. Go out in this outfit and look like a celebrity.

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A Pink Touch


  1. This is sooooo cuuuute. The floral skirt is really pretty with this white top. The handbag and sunglasses just make it cuter. But what I find ‘most cute’ about this outfit, are my favourite kind of boots! I love the colour, it’s not too bright and not too light. I would seriously wear these boots if I had them ☹, even though pink isn’t really my colour. A perfect colour for pale blondes. Also, those flowers are only for fun, I don’t randomly walk around with fake flowers, haha.

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  1. It’s hard to choose which outfit is my favourite, because I love this romper, but those boots are just gorgeous. Anyhow, I chose this romper because I was scrolling through the jumpsuits and rompers tab and this immediately caught my eye. I especially like the lacey detail to it. Some pink sandals, cute sunglasses, a beach bag and beach towel. And a book (shoutout to Rupi Kaur, I love her books). You probably guessed what outfit I was going for. A beach outfit. I see fashion and booklovers wearing this in my mind.

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The Best for Last

Of course, I kept the best outfit for last…

Grocery shopping

I don’t know where to begin because everything about this outfit is so beautiful. Let’s start with the shorts. The details are just so pretty… the flowers, the little ruffles, the textile, the detailed waistband… there’s no reason not to wear it (again, apple shaped body types would look good in these shorts).

I didn’t want the legs to be just… legs…empty? Haha. So, I added some detailed stockings with a dark colour because everything else is so bright. And the pretty black boots to make the outfit less cute and more cool.

The crop top is made of soft velvet. The bag with the gigantic flower is kind of a beach bag, but some, not much, use these for grocery shopping. And then I thought, well let’s make this an outfit for grocery shopping. I see it in my head like in the movies, a cute girl dressed like this going to a small-town market, a pretty smile on sunny days… Do you get it? But this outfit is not only for grocery shopping of course, that would be a shame of this beautiful outfit. You can also wear it to concerts, festivals or just casual…

Oh, and the hat! The camel colour is so pretty, I think this makes the outfit complete, because if you were to lose the hat it would look like it’s missing something (haha, if you lose something you miss something, so that actually just sounds like a fact, but you get what I mean).

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That were all the floral outfits for floral design day! Don’t forget it’s on the 28th of February, show off some flowers and wear them like art.

What do you think about the outfits? Do you already have your own floral outfit? Show me by uploading a picture!

Note: I wanted to ask if you ever put an outfit together out of your comfort zone, with some help of my posts it would be awesome if you showed me your outfits! You can always message me via Facebook (see sidebar) or e-mail (s_freya@outlook.com) or comment down here for showing off your outfits or for asking some help It would make me happy!

Thanks for reading!


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