Zalando Haul & Try On

Hello everybody!

For those who don’t know what a ‘haul’ is, it’s basically where you buy a bunch of clothes and try them on to tell everyone your opinion. I’ve already done one on my blog (ASOS Haul & Try On).

Zalando SE is a German electronic commerce company seated in Berlin. And spread since 2008 through whole Europe, so I don’t think this is something for my American, Asian, Australian, African, readers (sorry!).

So, I tried on 5 different items. I actually ordered 7 items, I ordered some navy wide legged pants but they were seriously not my thing, I find them ugly and it gets easily creased (click here to look at it), and I bought some mom jeans as well but for some reason they didn’t fit me, while some other jeans were the exact same size and did fit. Weird. But I was also kind of disappointed because the colour is sooooo much darker than the picture on Zalando shows.

But, lets go:

Some Twitter Inspiration

I actually got my inspiration for the following outfit from Twitter. I saw the dress and was instantly in love with it and a friend of mine (thank you, by the way 😉) sent me a link straight to this dress, even though it’s not exactly the same (on Twitter it had red stripes as well).


This dress is from Miss Selfridge (Petite) and is called ‘the Pinny Dress 24. I added a long-sleeve white T-shirt with some classy shoes. On Twitter the girl added a belt to make it perfect, but unfortunately, I forgot to buy one with it. So, if you’re going to buy this, try with a detailed belt! I see myself wearing this at school or as a teacher (not that I’ll ever be a teacher… well probably not…).

I actually wouldnt wear this dress without a shirt or something under it because otherwise it looks kind of, how do you say it, outdated?

You should wear this if you have a pear body shape (or hourglass body shape if you add a belt). If you need a new basic but fashionable school look,

Some Girl Downtown

Wijde broek

For this outfit I also got some inspiration, this time from a stranger crossing the street, grabbing onto her hat while pushing through the wind (thank you, random girl! 😉). It’s about the pants. The pants are from Vero Moda and is called ‘VMNIBBY Midi Culotte 40 (yeah don’t ask me what this means…). So yeah, these aren’t the same pants as the girl’s but they are similar (the material isnt the same). I really like these, because it’s a shopping look and when I saw the girl kind of dressed like this it felt like she was a celebrity or something, if only she had added some big black sunglasses… Haha.

You should wear this if you have an apple shaped body. If you want to look a little taller. If you need to look a little bit more grown up. If you need a shopping look,

Getting Ready for Spring


This blouse is from Missguided (petite) and is called ‘the Spot Tie Front Blouse 25. It’s a lovely blouse with puffy sleeves but if you’re planning on wearing this in the summer (which is kind of the intention…) keep deodorant with you, because it’s made of 100 percent polyester (which means the blouse will be sweaty and sticky). It would be nice if you’d add a pretty bralette.

This is perfect for any body shape, but I especially recommend it to women who have an hourglass body shape.

I think I don’t own anything in my closet with dots and that’s a shame, because I like how this looks.

And I also bought the ripped jeans from Topshop called ‘Ocean 65. Yes, ripped jeans. I told you guys I dont like ripped jeans, but I bought these because I absolutely loved the light blue (bleach) colour, you don’t see this quite often. The rips are huge, but I like that they aren’t just like gigantic holes but are kind of covered with strings (threads) if you know what I mean. Oh, and I also liked the ripped detail on the back pocket! If you’re a fan of ripped and high waisted mom jeans, this is something for you 😉.

You should wear these jeans if you have a rectangular body shape because it gives you the illusion of having actual curves (but its of course also suitable for other body shapes).

Basic Coachella?


I loooooove this top! I think I basically like all crop tops. I probably have more crop tops in my closet than T-shirts (oops). I can’t really explain my obsession but if you have a flat stomach I think it’s okay to show it off, right? It’s just a stomach, guys… stop bashing people who wear crop tops, please 😊😉. But back to the top itself. It is black (that already scores a lot of points with me, haha), and has a really pretty lacey detail, like, it’s curvy instead of a straight V neck. The top is from Even&Odd and is called…… ‘Top 17 (finally a name I understand! Hahaha).

I’d definitely wear this crop top to festivals and concerts and parties, and everything in that genre. This is definitely my style!

Wear this if youre just like me? 😄 haha.

And that was my last item!

Hope you liked it, if you have any questions, please ask 😊.

If you want me to do more hauls, and you want me to try a specific shop, tell me!

Lots of love,


Note: I wanted to ask if you ever put an outfit together out of your comfort zone, with some help of my posts it would be awesome if you showed me your outfits! You can always message me via Facebook (see sidebar) or e-mail ( or comment down below for showing off your outfits or for asking some help It would make me happy!

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      Glad you liked it! 🙂

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