Body Shapes and Fashion | Men

Every body type has its ‘own way’ in the fashion world. Not everyone fits in the same clothes, no one can wear everything. Some people don’t really ‘follow’ this ‘rule’. And that’s how you can look ‘weird’, because you may be wearing something that doesn’t fit, something that’s too baggy or too small… Sometimes you don’t even realize it. But I’m here to tell you what I think looks best on a variety of body shapes.

Men can have the following body shapes: the rhomboid body shape, inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle, and the oval (there are actually more and other names, but you’ll get what I’m talking about). And for every shape I looked for clothes that suit them. And I also made an outfit for each shape (just like my previous post for women)!

Before I begin, I want to say that no one is perfect. Everyone wants to look like a certain body shape they want, or already are. I find none ugly. Because, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, dont forget that.

PS. I wanted to ask if you ever put an outfit together out of your comfort zone, with some help of my posts it would be awesome if you showed me your outfits! You can always message me via Facebook (see sidebar) or e-mail ( or comment down here for showing off your outfits or for asking some help It would make me happy!



Having a rhomboid shape means having broad shoulders and chest with relatively narrow waist and hips.






Do you have a rhomboid body shape? Then you’re in luck, because you’re easy to dress. So, I won’t search for clothes for you or make an outfit because you can wear anything if you keep it in proportion. See yourself as a blank canvas and start experimenting with new trends!

Inverted Triangle

It’s the same as women: broad shoulders and chest but a narrower waist and hips.

Inverted triangle men

I think you should wear striped t-shirts, while classic in style. Try statement printed legwear to draw the eye downward. Choose V-neck shirts and jumpers. And add a belt for focus around the waist. Try to avoid wearing skinny cut trousers or jeans, try slim-cut instead.

The outfit:

Inverted triangle outfit men

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You have shoulders as wide as the hips and waist.

Rectangle men

First of all, try layering your clothes. Next, wear jumpers and T-shirts to widen the chest and try circular necklines. Also, wear structured blazers with padded shoulders and narrow sleeves in the underarms (don’t wear double-breasted jackets!).

The outfit:

Rectangle shape outfit men

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You have a chest and shoulders that are narrower than the hips and waist. This makes you appear larger on the lower half of your torso.

Triangle Men

Again, use structured blazers and jackets. You need well-fitting clothing. Wear button-down styles and single-breasted pieces. Try out darker colours up top. Add colour by layering a bright colour under a jumper, jacket… Try not to wear polo shirts or those narrow crew necks. Don’t wear skinny (or heavily tapered) trousers or jeans. Also, avoid horizontal stripes (vertical stripes are okay!).

The outfit:

Triangle outfit men

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You’re particularly round in the stomach area. This body shape often gives slimness in your lower leg and have narrower shoulders.

Oval shape men

Wear fitted trousers that lengthen the leg and wear pinstripes and vertical stripes (to lengthen the body). No horizontal stripes! Try out some textured pieces or detailed prints in dark colours. Always make sure the sleeves and trousers are the right lengths! Please avoid double-breasted jackets, polo shirts, wide crew necks and cowl necks. And avoid having shoes with a white sole or trim.

The outfit:

Oval shape outfit men

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What do you think? Did I forget about something?

Thanks for reading!


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