International Women’s Day

On the 8th of March (so, Thursday) is International Women’s Day! So, I’ve made some outfits to look all ‘feminine’ on Thursday! I promise there wont be much/any pink 😉.

When I think of the strong independent woman who holds her ground in a masculine world, I don’t think of gender neutral clothes or anything of the kind. I honestly think that we need to stand out in really feminine outfits that stress our self-confidence and also make us stand out in a literal sense. Here’s what I have in mind…



Because International Women’s Day is on a Thursday and school is also on Thursday, I wanted to make some outfits for the people that need to look a little more casual. Because there are various ‘types’ of girls, I made (stereotypes) a ‘cool chick outfit’ and a ‘girly outfit’.

  1. When I think about ‘cool chicks’, I see sneakers, Allstars. I see a shirt tied around their waist. I see headphones around their neck… I like the top ‘Plaid Girl’, which also means ‘Cool Girl’. So, I had to add a plaid This look is perfect for High School.

Buy the outfit:

  1. Opposite of the ‘cool girls’ you have the ‘girly girls’. I saw this cropped sweater and I immediately wanted to make an outfit out of it. It’s not all white-white, and it’s just really adorable. I added some dark, red lipstick to make it just a little cuter.

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Maybe you’re going to a formal event on Thursday, so, I made some elegant outfits.

  1. I saw this top and, seriously, I immediately knew what to add: a red, pencil skirt. I basically made a two-piece, and I’m in love with it. Then I kind of struggled with choosing other colours, because I didn’t want to add black, like, almost always. The blue goes so well with red, the bag and the scarf (I looooooove the scarf so much) make the outfit complete.

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  1. I am in love with this top, I have the same top in black and I like wearing it. It shows skin which makes the outfit a little bit ‘sexy’, but I didn’t want to add a short skirt or something because that really wouldn’t be elegant. So, instead I added a black ‘leathery’ midi-skirt. I have the same skirt but in red and I adore it so much because the ruffles make the skirt look cute.

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Modern Girly


Its not just because youre a woman you should wear skirts and dresses to look feminine! If you’re someone like me who hates wearing skirts and dresses, these outfits are for you.

  1. This jumpsuit is really simple but so I like the ‘orange’ colour, but I struggled again to find another colour to go with it. I found these baby blue shoes and handbag, and the colour is just so pretty. You don’t see this much, orange with baby blue. But it goes well together so why not? Be a trendsetter 😉.

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  1. I am such a big fan of slacks! I’m also a big fan of high-waisted trousers and camel colours, so these pants are perfect. I added Martens because you dont need to wear heels all the time to look feminine. I also added some glasses because you don’t need to wear lenses to look feminine 😉 haha. I just think they look really cute with this outfit.

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That were all the ‘feminine’ outfits for International Women’s Day! Don’t forget it’s on the 8th of March, show some girl power 😉.

What do you think about the outfits? Do you already have your own feminine outfit? Show me by uploading a picture!

Note: I wanted to ask if you ever put an outfit together out of your comfort zone, with some help of my posts it would be awesome if you showed me your outfits! You can always message me via Facebook (see sidebar) or e-mail ( or comment down here for showing off your outfits or for asking some help It would make me happy!

Thanks for reading!


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