The Spring Trends | 2018

Hi there!

Spring starts next week, finally (well, at least on this side of the globe)! I’ve gathered some Spring trends for 2018 (fashion week). Are you shocked or are you in love with the new trends? 😉

Skin is In


Sheer, skin revealing fabrics were shown on the runway and I kind of like it. I absolutely love the third one here! I’d wear this one for sure; and every other outfit made with this fabric that covers up everything that needs to be covered up and my stomach. Get out of your comfort zone!



Who doesn’t love satin fabric? Its inherent fluidity and lightness makes it comfortable to wear all night long and satin instantly elevates any silhouette. I’d love to try on some clothes made of satin. Because it makes you look elegant and it feels wonderful.

Ballet Dancers


I like the tulle fabric, and the second outfit is something I need in my closet for sure! It’s so girly and perfect for parties. But the other outfits are not really my thing.

Get in Line


On the New York fashion week runway, you could see loads of cheerful stripes and stars. I don’t have a problem with stripes, but stars, I don’t know…

Bold Pattern Play


Florals and polka dots are the patterns for Spring. But aaaaaaaah, these outfits are just too busy… I’m not a big fan of patterns and certainly not when they are put so closely together. But the second outfit is really awesome! You can style this trend poorly or beautifully, there is no in-between.

Look at the Bright Side


When you think about Spring do you think about boring black and white colours? No, I think about bright colours that bring the attention directly to you! This is the perfect way to stand out in a crowd. Bright colour blocked designs are also a thing.



If you hate bright colours, then you’re in luck: the opposite of the ‘bright colour trend’ is also trendy! This is a softer approach to colour with dusty tones and pastels. I’ve always thought pastel colours are really beautiful on walls, but damn, these runway outfits make me want to wear loads of pastel coloured outfits!

Light Jackets


I really like raincoats that aren’t just ‘raincoats’ but are beautifully designed, like these. This Spring it’s trendy to wear a windbreaker jacket/anorak jacket!

Fancy Pants


It’s not just about maxi dresses and slacks anymore for formal events. Designers made jeans fancy to go out in, weird right? I didn’t like all the jeans on the runway, but some jeans actually make me want to try out this trend.

Japanese and Mandarin Inspired


I absolutely love Japan, and I think their fashion sense is also really pretty. The real Japanese kimonos are beautifully designed with many different colours to choose from. But it’s not something you can wear casually of course. So, I’m happy there are kimono inspired clothes in various shops, to wear casually (and formally).

Lost in my Pockets


Remember those weird jeans and leggings that have fake pockets, which was frustrating because you couldn’t put anything anywhere? Tired of always needing a handbag? Then this is for you. Designers added more pockets on clothes than what they normally have. So, you basically have a pocket for your phone, your money, your make up, your hands… haha. THIS IS AT LEAST SO MUCH BETTER THAN FANNY PACKS!!!

A trend I forgot to talk about? Challenges you want me to do? Let me know!



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